Open 2018 Board Member Positions

Open 2018 Board Member Positions

welcome-aboardBack the Blue Foundation is currently seeking applications and nominations for the 2018 open Board Member positions. Desired applicants should be highly accomplished, well connected community members, interested in improving the lives of law enforcement officers, first responders, military personnel, public educators, and all others that commit themselves to the service of our country, communities, and classrooms.

The BTBF Board of Directors governs the overall execution of the organization’s mission. Principally, the Board manages organizational finances and sets long term priorities for programs, including the Back the Blue, Back the Badges, Back the Warriors, and Back the Teachers Programs. Additionally, the Board oversees the Executive Director, who is responsible for day-to-day management of BTBF programs. Overall, the members of the Board contribute the educational, management, legal, and financial skills needed to ensure long term organizational stability, ensure year-to-year  excellence for the BTBF programs, and oversee the Advisory, Operations, and Governance Boards and committees.

The Board of Directors has up to 7 voting members in staggered terms. Terms are for two years.

Board Member responsibilities include attendance at three in-person meetings per year, as well as teleconference meetings and active electronic conversations as part of Board committees. In some years, the Board may hold additional meetings. Board members also hold a fiduciary responsibility for management of organizational capital and ensuring appropriate filings with federal, state, and local authorities consistent with the BTBF’s status as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. BTBF’s attendance policy allows for immediate removal of a Board Member, if three meetings are missed without notice.

Declaration of Candidacy

Board positions require a time and energy commitment that should not be underestimated. Candidates are urged to consider personal priorities, as well as the ways to contribute to the development of the organization.

To apply:

Complete the online application found at this link: Board Member Application


As with any Board, members will be solicited for a cash, and/or in-kind donation; 100% participation is sought; the amount is optional.

Real Estate Support Services

Home-ownersBack the Blue Foundation is dedicated to assisting first responders, military personnel, and public educators in the refinance or purchase of a home.

Real Estate Agents:  Upon the successful closing of a BTBF real estate transaction, our exclusive real estate agents agree to pay 25% of their gross commission as a credit to the buyer, on the Closing Statement.

Lenders & Title Companies:  Our preferred lenders and title companies graciously donate to the Back the Blue Foundation.